A New Way To Eat Oatmeal

Tired of the same old oat meal? Try black currant oatmeal pancakes with organic yogurt and walnuts (serves 2):
2 eggs
1 cup milk
2 cups oatmeal-quick oats
1/2 cup dried black currants
2 t brown sugar
1 t vanilla extract
butter or cooking spray for pan
1/2 cup organic vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup walnuts-toasted
1. In a bowl, mix the eggs and milk.
2. Add oatmeal, currants, brown sugar, and vanilla into the bowl.
3. Heat and butter a pan (or spray with cooking spray). Ladle batter into the pan and cook pancakes until just brown on each side (about 2 min).
4. Top pancakes with yogurt and walnuts.

Alternatively, try plain oatmeal cakes (serves 2):
2 eggs
1 cup milk
2 cups oatmeal
3 t brown sugar
1 t vanilla extract
2 t lemon juice
butter for cooking (or cooking spray)
optional: chocolate chips, bananas, raisins, strawberries, whipped cream, jam
1. In a bowl mix the eggs and milk.
2. Add in oatmeal, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and
lemon juice.
3. Add optional ingredients.
4. Heat butter in pan (or spray pan with cooking spray) and brown cakes on each side (approximately 1-2 minutes on each side).
5. Serve warm optional items.


  1. im tired of oatmeal! i'm making this next =)

    - clucky

  2. do you think i could incorporate a scoop of protein powder into this recipe to make it even healthier? perhaps increase the amount of liquids as well so its not as dry?

  3. Absolutely! You could add protein powder and increase the milk (or even a bit of water). Since the powders usually have sugar in them, be careful about adding the brown sugar. Alternatively: consume the oatmeal cakes with a side of chicken ;)

  4. made these this morning. fabulous! check out my substitutions:

    -added 2 scoops chocolate caramel protein powder
    -used chocolate almond milk instead of plain milk
    -eliminated sugar
    -mixed greek yogurt with maple syrup and chocolate almond milk as topping.

    came out great.

    love you!

  5. Wow! Sounds great! I'm so glad you like the recipe!