Mariya's Food Styling

Check out the food styling I'm working on with NoTakeOut.com. I cook the provided menus and style the dish, after which the photographer does his magic and voila:

More to come!


  1. first of all, you rule! i'm so proud of you baby. secondly, the steak looks AMAZING!!!! i really want to make it...but i need your support..i never cooked a steak before and im so intimidated (i felt the same way about quinoa and dried beans but after using both i totally got over my phobia). can you please support me with encouragement (or smack me and tell me to suck it up and get on with it)? i just feel like i could ruin a beautiful cut of meat and be forced to dump the whole thing. helpppppppppp!

  2. Steak is completely complacent-no need to be scared! For your 'first time' choose the sirloin; another thing to consider, for a first timer, is the thickness of the meat-in this case, you dont want it too thick (about 1.5-2 inches). Make sure your steak is around room temp and season it with salt and pepper. Lightly coat your pan with olive oil (make sure the pan is HOT, but not smoking). When you place the steak in the pan it should sizzle. Cook for ~3-4 minutes on each side (for medium-rare to medium). TURN THE STEAK ONLY ONCE!! NO FLIP FLOPPING! Allow the steak to rest ~4 minutes (this will redistribute the juices). I'll be sure to add a steak recipe here to help in your new adventure. Happy eating!

  3. The pics look amazing! Especially the Cod dish, although im shocked that they used it considering Cod is not yet sustainable =P. Anywho, Susan you can practice making steaks for me! At least you know not to boil one as another friend of mine use to do, although she's a vegetarian and never cooked much.