Things [the infamous] 'they' dont tell you

So you want to go to culinary school? It's an ever expanding field, with tons of opportunities! Photography, styling, writing, creating-the possibilities are endless! The glamor, fame, and glory! And by the way...

As with any profession, the culinary field has a few quirks: the odd hours and the occasional crazy, screaming boss.

A few of these quirks, however, are not so typical and are not mentioned in your culinary arts school tour...
  • Exceptionally sore fingers, hands, and wrists-who knew that fingers can be sore? From the chopping, carrying, dismantling, stirring, and various other necessary performances.
  • Not-so-light knife bag-which is to be lugged around each day...to and from work...to and from class...to and from home.
  • Knives-which are to be sharpened and honed daily...which otherwise prove to be completely inadequate, inefficient, and otherwise wretched.
  • $80+ Danskos-without which your back, neck, and feet wouldn't be here today to tell their story.
  • Last, and unfortunately not least, additional tasting pounds-which are thoroughly enhanced with every dish you make, as everything MUST be tasted.
Lucky for me, food is my absolute adoration, so I'll spend a few extra minutes on the spin bike, to tackle those unruly tasting pounds and schedule a much needed massage for the sore hands...any volunteers?

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